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Today a bookseller called and complained about a title with a wrong price in the catalogs of the VLB and of KNV. With a look in itex I could see that he wasn't right! Not only for the control of distributed data but as well for the sales department itex is a real help! Marcus Kühne-Vahlbruch,

An international team of specialists...

baysoft is based in Germany and Canada and operated by an international team of specialists in the fields of web and software development, ecommerce, search engine optimization and editorial services. ...more

...develops webintelligence solutions...

baysoft is focused on the development of webintelligence solutions for the management aggregation, transformation, distribution and monitoring of data from, in and over the internet. ...more

...for ecommerce and media companies.

baysoft is working mainly for ecommerce, direct sales and media companies in Germany. The plan is to make it's successful products and services available to North American companies as well. ...more


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