Baysoft - Web Intelligence Solutions


Webbased tools for the integration, administration and the export of data, e.g. for the administration and export of product meta and rich media data (, content management systems, automatic generation of formats like XML (ONIX), Excel and PDF.


Automatic control of data in online catalogs and databases, e.g. the control of availability, price and contents of media products in online shops (


Automatic generation of high quality content pages and link structures for sophisticated search engine optimization (PageCreator, WebCreator -

Furthermore: baysoft editorial services


Production of multidimensional taxonomies on the basis of product data and keywords to improve the access and sale of shop products.

Data-Aggregation & -Transformation

Improvement of the quality and quantity of catalog contents - e.g. by the implementation of regular quality control processes or by the automatic collection and conversion of data for the presentation of shop-products.